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Ever wished you had that specialized expertise on staff to tackle a new project but management will not let you hire additional fulltime employees? Or is it a case where you have the skills on staff, but just not enough hands to get the job done?

TechEPeople's Consulting Services might be able to give you a hand. We specialize in augmenting IT staffs with our highly skilled and experienced technical consultants. We can help you beef up your IT department on a temporary basis to handle that new project or just help you handle a seasonal peek in your business cycle.

We offer experienced technical experts on a temporary basis. Each one of our consultants goes through a rigorous screening process before we give them the TechEPeople stamp of approval in a technology field.

Why Use Consultants?

The cost of hiring a fulltime member of your staff is often more then you think. Sure you have to pay the salary and all the benefits associated with the new hire but that is just the tip of the iceberg. What about all the hidden cost of hiring and maintaining that employee.

Think about the administrative costs of an employee, yearly performance reviews, payroll expenses, worker's compensation insurance, unemployment insurance, vacation and sick leave funding. The list can go on and on. Why hassle yourself or your staff with such issues?

In addition, many mangers over look the time and money it takes them to bring on a fulltime staff member, and as we have all been taught time is money. Think back about the last five or so new hires you have done. How much time did you invest in the process? How many people did you interview? How much staff time was wasted on the process? How satisfied were you with your final selection? How long did they stay? In the end, did you feel like you spent more time and effort then the employee was worth? Come on now, be truthful!

Most hiring experiences consume more time and cost more money then an average IT department can truly afford.

Our question is why hire someone with the intent of lifetime employment for a temporary need. When you travel on company business do you usually buy a car in the city you are visiting for the two or three days you will be in town? Of course not, that would be silly.

However, many IT mangers still do a similar thing when it comes to needing technical expertise in a person. They make a life-time commitment when renting makes more sense.
We are not saying get rid of all your fulltime employees in favor of consultants, but to rather stop and think about a temporary expert for that short-term need. If after the project ends and you really want to keep the consultant as a fulltime employee, give us a call and we will able to work things out.

For more information on our consulting services, give us a call at 305.673.4440. One of our consulting specialists would be more then willing to provide you with additional information. You can also download an Acrobat brochure that outlines the features and benefits of our IT Consulting Service.

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PHONE: 305.673.4440
EMAIL: Info@TechEPeople.Com

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