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The core function of every IT department is to provide accurate and timely access of company database information to both employees and clients. The storage and management of that data is the single most important activity of an IT organization. Without the data, the company's applications and networks have little reason to exist.

A Certified Oracle or Microsoft DBA can provide an instant increase in data reliability and accelerate access to the company's critical data. DBAs provide backup and recovery plans and ensure every transaction that is executed by a user is recorded accurately in the company's database. When the time comes for an upgrade of the database engine having a Certified DBA on hand to ensure data integrity and operational status of the database is indispensable.

Everyone agrees that having a certified DBA on staff is essential but those DBA skills are expensive and really not needed on a full time basis. What if TechEPeople could show you how to have a Certified Oracle or Microsoft DBA on call for a fraction of the cost of hiring one fulltime?

In addition to the DBA skills, our data professionals are also experienced systems administrators. This means that the Certified DBAs at TechEPeople can not only manage the Oracle Server or SQLServer database engine, but the underlying operating systems as well.

We have experience managing both Microsoft and mainstream UNIX implementations.

Imagine getting both, a Certified Oracle DBA and UNIX Systems Administrator for less then the price of a full time PC tech.

For more information give us a call at 305.673.4440. One of our DBAPlus specialists would be more than willing to provide you with the detailed information on this specialized Data/OS maintenance program.  You can also download an Acrobat PDF brochure that outlines the features and benefits of the DBAPlus service.

DBAPlus Feature Sheet.pdf

Click the Free DB Analysis at the bottom of the page for a free performance analysis of your database.


PHONE: 305.673.4440
EMAIL: Info@TechEPeople.Com

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